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The Trading Bird Gallery & The Gypsy Gem

Located in the historic town of Madrid, New Mexico the Trading Bird Gallery and Gypsy Gem feature the finest of the old Turquoise Trail.  We are the source for Rare Cerrillos turquoise and original Peaker jewelry designs by owner and turquoise miner Riana Newman Peaker.  The shops represent renowned Native American artists working with our local Cerrillos turquoise.  We offer a great selection of Santo Domingo Pueblo jewelry, mosaic overlay, Mata Ortiz Pottery, Pueblo Pottery and Zuni Fetishes.

Please visit our newest space,The Turquoise Gem Workshop, where you can schedule a mining tour and see the beautiful Cerrillos Turquoise jewelry being created.


Riana Newman Peaker is a second generation turquoise miner and jewelry artist.  Her father, Waylan Peaker was well known for the turquoise he mined, his mosaic masks and his innovative inlay jewelry designs.  Riana's family has mined Cerrillos Turquoise for decades.  She creates beautiful overlaid shells, and specializes in inlaid jewelry, and continues many Waylan Peaker designs.

The original family business, The Turquoise Trail Trading Post, was established in Madrid in 1988 by Riana's father Waylan Peaker.  Riana took over the business in 2002 and continues the tradition as owner, miner, and jewelry designer.


The Cerrillos Turquoise Mines, located 20 miles south of Santa Fe, are the oldest and largest prehistoric mines in North America.  Anasazi mining activity dates back to about 500 A.D. Pueblo Indians mined Cerrillos turquoise extensively and traded the turquoise with many other cultures.  Cerrillos turquoise was part of a sophisticated trade route.  Sea shells, coral, and other exotic items were carried vast distances and traded for this "Sky Stone".  Cerrillos turquoise is featured in jewelry in the Crown Jewels of Spain.  In the late 1800's Tiffany & Co extracted millions of dollars worth of Cerrillos turquoise from these mines, hence the little blue box color. 

Our mine, named the "Carlita's Mine", produces turquoise that varies in color from icy white, pale blue, aqua blue, and deep emerald green.  Cerrillos turquoise is some of the finest and most rare turquoise available.