Golden Hearts For Lovestone

We just finished an order for Lovestone, a Japanese company out of Las Vegas, NV.  Wow! Look how beautiful Cerrillos Turquoise is in gold!  We make these 14k gold and Cerrillos Turquoise hearts exclusively for Lovestone/Grandstar who sells them on their website.  Please, visit their website to see more about their line "Native Heart" which features these handmade hearts!  Riana may be a small town turquoise miner but she's huge in Japan!

Lovestone blog entry about Native Heart and Riana....

Native Heart Collection Lovestone

Native Heart Collection Lovestone


Hello, Welcome to the Trading Bird - Gypsy Gem website. We are thrilled to have our site up and to show everyone what's going on in our world. Lately we have been very busy in our Madrid stores and the jewelry workshop.

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Stay tuned for upcoming events, sales and new merchandise. And, If you are traveling down the Turquoise Trail make sure to stop in our shops and say Hello!